As part of the week-long arts festival, YES Arts Festival, a town in Scotland has knitted and crocheted dozens of pieces to display across the local area to showcase their knitting talents.

Grace Brett, a 104 year old great grandma, joined a guerrilla knitting group called the Souter Stormers in knitting incredible covers for some of the town’s ornaments. The group knitted and crocheted multiple colourful pieces in order to brighten up the local town including pieces for a local bench, a phone booth and pieces to hang from railings.

Brett learned to knit in her teenage years and has spent many hours knitting for her family. Brett said she loved seeing their town look so bright and beautiful and thought it was wonderful seeing everyone’s work. We think it was a lovely idea to showcase the local talent whilst making the town a little happier in the run up to winter!

Click here to see the photos of the knitting: