Charlotte Danks, a 21 year old from Newquay, has opened up two 25p stores in Cornwall selling cut price food to locals who are struggling to afford to eat.

Danks was born in Newquay and wanted to open the shop to help out the local community who mainly rely on foodbanks and soup kitchens on a daily basis to get by. She said “Most work here is only seasonal and a lot of the locals are unemployed. The majority of people are so grateful for what I’m doing. At least once a day I get a ‘thank you’ off of a customer.”

The first ‘Affordable Foods’ shop was opened in Newquay in June 2015 with customers travelling 16 miles from St Austell just to shop in the 25p store. Customers told Danks the journey was worth the expense, explaining that St Austell was in desperate need of a cheap food store.

After a number of requests, Danks opened a store in St Austell and sold out most of her stock on the first day!

Danks is currently discussing with a couple to work alongside her, currently not employing anyone at all. Her long term plan is to open a large warehouse and two more shops in Bodmin and Bude.

Well done to Charlotte for working so hard to support the members of your community!