BBQ’s are a great part of summer, and something that we all seem to look forward to when the weather is clear of rain. Follow our tips on how to perfect the art of the BBQ….

1. Foods that are often forgotten at BBQ’s…

• Fish – Many people forget that fish can be great when barbequed and gives you a great opportunity to try and make your own smoked salmon (which is delicious!) or sweet chilli prawns!

• Halloumi – This side dish is often overlooked. Not only is halloumi easy to grill, it is also a delicious BBQ option which will be a favourite among many people.

• Stuffed Peppers – Another great dish that is best served chargrilled. You can also experiment with a variety of exciting fillings, why not try… chorizo and cheese, nutty quinoa or Mexican style rice. Therefore, you can create your own spin on a favourite that is often forgotten.

2. Get the temperature right

Before you start cooking, you should preheat your BBQ for at least 15-25 minutes. Not only will this ensure that the grill is the perfect temperature, but it will also help to kill any bacteria!

3. Condiments

Condiments bring a meal together! Whether you prefer ketchup or mayo, we all love them! Ensure that you have a condiment for everyone, you should try: chilli sauce, pickle, burger relish as well as household favourites: ketchup, mayo and BBQ sauce.

4. Be prepared!

We do live in Britain after all and a surprise rain shower is never far away! Make sure that you have a plan B, this could be a gazebo, umbrella or even taking the cooking inside.

5. Keep raw and cooked food separate

This may seem like the most obvious tip of all; however, with the speed of the BBQ it can be easy to get food mixed up when loading and unloading, so it is best to be extremely cautious! The same can also be said for utensils! Ensure that you use different utensils for raw and cooked food. We hope these tips have helped inspire you to host a BBQ this summer, let us know if you have any tips over on our Twitter and Facebook.