The thought of getting kids back into school mode following a long summer is a challenge many parents dread. Dragging sleepy teenagers out of bed at 7am or getting excitable kids to settle down to homework after a day of school may seem like an impossible feat, but, we’ve put together a list of tips to make those first days of school a bit easier!

Stock up on some new colourful stationery

There’s something exciting about a fresh notebook or set of highlighters, so take the kids shopping and let them pick out some new stationery. They’re sure to get very excited about getting stuck into their new things, meaning the first day of school won’t come quick enough. Make sure you’ve got the essentials including a diary, backpack, pencil case and lots of colourful gel pens!

Tasty and nutritious lunchboxes

A very important part of anyone’s school day is lunchtime, so make sure the kids have got a lunch to look forward to. Ditch the usual squashed ham and cheese sarnies in favour of wraps, humous and veg sticks or homemade cold pizzas, and pack them up in a new lunchbox that will make lunch the most exciting part of the day!

Buy their uniforms

The amount kids grow in the space of two months never fails to amaze, and those brand new trousers you bought last year are suddenly stopping way above the ankles! You don’t want to find on the first morning of school that clothes don’t fit, so take a day to go through all the uniforms and make sure you have everything you need. Grab some Heat Holders socks and thermals ready for winter, to make sure the kids aren’t chilly on the walk to school or in the playground.

Set up a study space

It can be tricky to get back into homework mode, so set up a quiet spot in the house where kids can concentrate. Whether it be a desk in their room or on the kitchen table, make sure they have plenty of room to keep all their things organised, and they have somewhere to put their weekly timetable so that both you and they can see what they have to do each day.

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