With festival season in full swing in the UK, it can be difficult to know what to wear with the unpredictable British weather. Aiming to look stylish but at the same time wanting to be warm and comfy in your outfit can be a hard task, so Heat Holders have compiled a list of all the essentials you will need at any British festival!

1. Patterned wellies

Wellies have always been a festival staple in Britain due to the high chance of rain and the inevitable mud that comes with it. Obviously, the pattern on the shoe does not give you any more protection from the dirt, but it can add a quirky look to any outfit!

2. Long, thick socks

Long socks can act as both a stylish and practical fashion statement. Keeping you warm, ensuring that your feet are protected from blisters in your wellies, as well as allowing you to experiment with colours and patterns.

3. Oversized shirts

An oversized shirt adds an effortless look to any outfit – whether tied around your waist or wearing it over jeans/shorts – this item never fails to make a statement. Another key factor of an oversized shirt is comfort, which makes it ideal for walking around a festival all day!

4. Lightweight waterproof jacket

This may not seem like the most fashionable choice to wear at festivals, however the chance of rain means that a jacket is essential. Surprisingly, it can be possible to style a waterproof jacket – try bold colours to make your outfit stand out.

5. Extras

To separate your look from others, there are a few options you can consider: flower crowns, face paint, jewellery and bandanas. These items can be extremely cheap if you only want to wear them to one event, which allows you to try a few different looks and see what works for you! We hope we have given you some inspiration for the rest of festival season! Let us know what you are wearing to your next festival over on Twitter and Facebook!