Autumn is upon us, with the start of the Equinox on September 22nd, we look forward to the bridge between the warm and cold seasons of the year. But just what is it exactly that gets people excited for Autumn, as the countdown to the festive season begins? Here are some of Heat Holders’ top reasons why Autumn is the greatest season of them all.


Who doesn’t love Halloween?! Giving millions of us an excuse to dress up as our favourite pop culture characters, or take it one step further and spook our friends by getting creative! It’s also the unofficial start of the party season, with Halloween kicking off the fun for many, that won’t stop till the dawn of the New Year.

Getting colder

While summer is largely hit and miss in the UK, with a heatwave promptly followed by torrential rain, Autumn is often reliable for some of the most comfortable weather the country sees all year. Yes, this means a good, cosy coat is a necessity, along with your Heat Holders of course, but the sensation of going for a countryside walk in Autumn, with crisp blue skies and a breeze running through the air, is a terrific one!

The change in scenery

The change in nature from green to gold is a beautiful one, and can dramatically transform a landscape all on its own. Combine this with darker nights and the satisfying crunch of walking through nature, Autumn truly is a gamechanger.

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