With over half the year in the history books, it’s natural to feel a little rundown and in need of a break away from your work life. Why not take some time to make sure that your feet are being looked after, so that they can look after you until you take that break away from normality! Here are a few tips to keep your feet feeling fresh. Foot Food Fuelling yourself with the right food and nutrients is beneficial to all parts of the body. Calcium is vital for the continued strength of the bones in your feet, whilst ensuring that you are getting plenty of vitamin D- from the sun or fatty fish including tuna, mackerel or salmon – will reduce the bones’ susceptibility to fractures. Considering there are 26 bones in each foot, they are worth looking after! Shoe Choices Many careers require stiff formal shoes, reinforced steel-toed boots or uncomfortable high heels. However, even with strict dress codes and safety wear, there are options available to make shoes more comfortable and better for the overall health of your feet. Gel pads, memory foam inserts and the right socks – such as Heat Holders Boot Socks – can improve the comfort of your feet during working hours. This will not only reduce pressure on the muscles and tendons within the foot, but will also make you feel more energetic and put a spring in your step! Occasional Treats Gender does not matter when it comes to keeping your feet healthy – whether you go to a spa for treatment or do-it-yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom, an indulgent pampering session is great for the health and hygiene of your feet. Try to pay special attention to the nails, spaces between the toes and the areas on the heel and balls of the feet where hard skin can build up and make walking and working uncomfortable. No matter what role you play at work, healthy feet will make you feel more energetic, healthier and more productive – making you more productive at work and happier at home. Let us know how you take care of busy, working feet.