With the weather finally getting (much, much) warmer, picnics are becoming more appealing. Many people, however, find the preparation too stressful, instead of a simple, fun task. Follow our steps which can help to ensure that your future picnics run as smoothly as possible… 1. The perfect basket Organising a picnic can be extremely hectic. So, the first tip would be to use a picnic basket that comes with its own plates, preferably plastic. This may sound obvious; however, this tip can save a lot of hassle when you can’t find the paper plates on the day! 2. Don’t overthink the food preparation With the warm weather continuing (fingers crossed), a light lunch will be perfect. Therefore, sandwiches, crisps and fruit will be among favourites with the attendees, meaning that you don’t have to overthink any of the food choices, plus a fruit salad is both fun and healthy for children. 3. Keep hydrated The key tip for a perfect day is to ensure that everyone attending stays hydrated and drink plenty of water! A few simple ways to make sure children drink enough in the heat is to offer them fruit, which hold a lot of water, make their drinks more ‘fun’ by adding colour or you could even make your own ice lollies for them to enjoy! 4. Wet wipes This tip may sound silly, however, when children and sandwiches are mixed, it can get messy! Wet wipes are also something that can be easily forgotten, when really, they are a necessity for a hot, summers day. 5. Sun cream Again, this may seem obvious, but, we have all forgotten sun cream at one point or thought that we don’t need it during the British summer! Be sure to pack sun cream for the whole family. We hope these tips will be useful for you this summer, if you have any tips of your own, feel free to let us know on Twitter and Facebook.