As autumn approaches and students return to uni, the need for good healthy meals that are also cheap and easy to make is high. So, if you’re looking for something scrummy after a long day at the library, we think these three easy dishes will satisfy that hunger!


The holy grail of quick and cheap dinners, make a large portion of Bolognese and freeze it. This universal favourite is a great staple as it is so versatile, and can be used in lasagne, spaghetti, chilli con carne, burritos and so much more. For a super tasty Bolognese sauce, you will need…

• Minced beef

• Chopped or fresh tomatoes

• Mushrooms • Garlic

• And, if you’re willing to spare any, some red wine!

Chicken Korma:

Put down the takeaway menu and get stuck in to this incredibly easy and very tasty recipe instead. If using a shop-bought Korma paste, preparation time takes a mere ten minutes, and the end result is a delicious and filling dinner that the whole flat can enjoy. To create this dish, you will need…

• Chicken breasts

• Korma paste

• Coconut cream

• Ground almonds

• Steamed rice to serve


It doesn’t matter how old you are – everyone loves making their own pizzas! To make the process super quick, buy ready-made pizzas that just need topping, or you can make them from scratch, and practise your pizza spinning skills! All you need is…

• Bread flour

• Yeast

• Olive oil

• Tomato paste

• Cheese

• And, whatever toppings you fancy!

What are your favourite quick meals? Let us know or share how you got on with these recipes at our

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