For music addicts and festival goers it’s time for one of the biggest festivals of the year – Reading and Leeds festival! With heavyweights of the music industry including Eminem, Muse, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher all taking to the stage, it is sure to be a colossal weekend, despite the gloomy inevitability of rain. Here are a few of our top tips for making the most of this weekend:

Make a plan

There’s a lot going on throughout the weekend, and sadly it’s impossible to see all the acts on the line up (unless you plan on sprinting all over the arena all weekend!). Instead, decide upon three or four acts that you definitely want to see, and then for the rest of the weekend, go with the flow; it’s a great opportunity to discover new and exciting bands too!

Pack sensible clothes and shoes

It’s one of the last festivals of the year, and if the weather so far this week is anything to go by, then rain is sure to be on the cards. Notoriously muddy, whether it rains or not, Leeds and Reading requires waterproofs, wellies and socks, spare socks and even more socks! The temperatures get pretty low at night as well, so make sure you wrap up with your HeatHolders socks and blanket!


Festival season is drawing to a close, meaning that discounted but good quality tents are easy to get your hands on! Always opt for a bigger tent to give yourself plenty of space. Squeezing two people into a one-men tent will lead to a very uncomfortable weekend, and you’ll need plenty of room for getting changed into your festival get up! Practise putting up your tent at home before you go to avoid getting to the campsite and realising you have no pegs or poles!

Make a list of essentials – and pack them!

Although you may want to pack light, you’ll have some serious regrets when you find yourself in need of basic essentials such as sun cream, loo roll, wet wipes, a camping chair and a portable charger.  To make sure you don’t miss anything vital, make a list of the essentials and tick them off as you pack them!

Are you going to Leeds or Reading festival this weekend? Have you got anymore handy tips that you’ll be using? Let us know on Twitter: @HeatHolderSocks