Although Advent has officially already begun, most of us associate advent with the opening of a numbered window on the first of December and finding a little chocolate waiting behind.

However, in an ever more health conscious society, the thought of gorging on chocolate all the way up to Christmas can seem a bit much, and if you’re diabetic or lactose intolerant a regular advent calendar is not the ideal choice.

Luckily, there are lots of creative alternatives for people of all ages. Ready-made reusable advent calendars are available from many places that you can fill with your own substitute treats. What about filling one with miniature perfume samples or nail varnish? Or some interesting festive-themed stickers for young children? Luxury favoured teabags also make a great option, and if you want to be really traditional you could try nuts and dried fruit.

We think a pair of Heat Holders Slippers Socks to wear whilst snuggling down to watch a Christmas film would make a great Advent calendar surprise!