Today we’re celebrating the beginning of falling leaves, Halloween preparations and chunky jumper season as the Autumn Equinox has arrived!

Each year there are 2 equinoxes, the first one is in March as spring arrives and the other one is now, in the latter half of the year. Equinoxes occur when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day light is equal to the amount of darkness we get!

Since the first day of autumn is tomorrow, we thought we’d give you some tips on staying warm this autumn:

It’s a pretty well known fact that you lose more heat through your head than anywhere else. But, have you noticed that it never feels cold? That’s because your body sends most of your heat to your head to protect it. So if your feet start feeling cold that’s because you’re losing heat in the top of your body. It’s essential to keep it warm with a cosy woolly hat (preferably a Heat Holders one)!

Investing in a good quality pair of socks is also a must! Although we are still a few months away from heading into another one of our chilly winters, it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared. Keeping your feet warm is a priority at Heat Holders which is why we offer thick and chunky socks that are TOG rated at 2.34, perfect for wearing under a pair of Chelsea boots.

Other than that, we recommend getting cosy on the sofa with the fire on and a hot chocolate in hand. Here at Heat Holders, we love the autumn and we’re going to enjoy every minute of it!