With Halloween out of the way and Christmas on the horizon, Bonfire Night is almost upon us. The annual celebration of November 5th and the commemoration of Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot of 1605 is an exciting time, but can also provide a number of different problems at the same time. Here are a few ways to combat any Bonfire woes.

Protect yourself

It goes without saying that to fully enjoy a private firework display, you’ll need to be a safe distance of 18m or so away (this includes from houses too!). But when dishing out sparklers to young children, ensure they’re supervised and wear protection like gloves, to avoid any incidents. Also, it’s important to remember that between 11pm and 7am, it’s against the law to set off fireworks, although come Bonfire Night itself this extends to midnight.

Look after pets

With the increase in firework displays across the country, comes a lot of fun, food and entertainment. However, for cats and dogs the loud bangs can cause them major distress, so keeping them inside the house during evenings around and on Bonfire Night is key, as is providing them with a ‘hiding’ space that they can retreat to, in order to escape from the noise.

Don’t be silly!

Of course the novelty of fireworks and their very existence is to thrill and entertain, but it’s important for firework newbies to fully prepare themselves before using them. Remember to keep fireworks in the closed box they come in until directly before use, and to never throw them or allow a child to handle. And if a firework has been lit, and has not exploded, do not return to it. These seem like simple precautions, but they must be honoured to ensure a safe Bonfire Night.

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