June will see the start of Osteoporosis Awareness Month which is a condition that causes the thinning of struts within the bones, leaving sufferers at a higher risk of fractures. As people begin to age, they gradually start to lose bone density and for post-menopausal women this happens much quicker. Exercising is a great way to not only combat the condition, but potentially prevent it with the promotion of muscular movement. Camping is the ideal activity which presents many different ways you can exercise your body. Research suggests that getting out into the wilderness and being one with nature reduces our stress which leads to a positive effect on our physical health. Spending time outside can really restore balance and calm and take the focus away from the feeling of pain. Whilst it’s important to still lead an active lifestyle living with Osteoporosis, using common sense to take routine regular rest breaks is key. For example if you start to feel intense pains from the bones in your legs while back-packing remember to take a five minute breather! It’s a condition that can get worse in the cold so remember to try and wrap up against the cold countryside winds (yes it’s nearly June but this is British Summer Time don’t forget!).