This March celebrate National Bed Month and stay cosied up between the sheets for as long as possible! Organised by The Sleep Council, National Bed Month is here to ensure you understand why getting your forty winks should be a top priority.

Having the right bed is extremely important for your health and wellbeing because our entire sleeping space heavily affects the quality of sleep. The most important things to remember are a supportive mattress, a large bed so you don’t get disturbed by your partner and a calming environment so you can relax properly before drifting off to sleep.

The final and in our opinion most important tip to remember is keeping warm through the night, especially your feet. Studies from scientists at Basel University, Switzerland have found that ‘warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep,’ and we can’t think of anything better than keeping your Heat Holders socks on to ensure you stay warm and toasty all night and have the best night’s sleep!

For more tips and information on getting a good night sleep, head over to The Sleep Council’s website: