We seem to be finally getting a spot of sun hitting us this July, and what better way to celebrate than a classic picnic? Grab your Heat Holders Blanket, pack your sandwiches and find the nearest patch of grass whilst you can, because soon enough it’ll be Snug Over weather!

To help you take your picnic to the next level, Heat Holders have put together 5 top tips to have the perfect picnic this summer.

Keep It Simple:
-Bring foods that you can easily transport, dish up and eat with the equipment you’ve packed! Paper plates and plastic cutlery always come recommended – unless carrying a bag full of dirty plates back home after a day in the sun sounds like fun to you!

Avoid sticky puddings and cakes!:
-These are WASP MAGNETS! The last thing you want on one of the countries only days of sun is an angry swarm of black and yellow ruining your picnic!

Make sure you bring enough food!:
-Keep everyone happy! Make sure there’s a bit of everything for everyone. If you’re a long way from civilisation then you don’t want to rue skipping on those extra sausage rolls!

But DON’T bring too much!:
-Nobody likes wasted food. Apart from ants! Carefully consider how many people will be joining you for your picnic and bring a little bit of everything to keep them all happy.

Bring the essentials.:
-Some things people don’t usually consider include:
Sun Cream:
-You can even get burnt when it’s cloudy! It’s better to be safe than sorry, so always make sure to pack a bottle of sun cream.
-Insects love sticky hands. Especially if you’re with the kids, these are essential.
Bin Bags:
-Make sure your perfect picnic spot stays that way after you leave. Bring bin bags to pack up all your rubbish afterwards.

We hope our top picnic tips help you on your next family day out! Do you have any recipes, tips or ideas for picnic month? Why not message us over on Twitter or Facebook and let us know?