Many of our recollections of Christmas include the little things we like to do every year as part of our festive traditions that make this time of year really special. Some traditions are very widespread, and have deep cultural roots, whereas others might be very new and personal.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree! Whether it be a real pine of fur variety, or something wonderfully stylish in bright colour with fibre-optic lights, decorating the tree itself is often a momentous occasion. Although the tree is now a universal symbol of the festive season, the idea was developed as far back as the 15th century in Germany before becoming as popular and well-known as it is today.

Putting up stockings on Christmas Eve is an especially lovely tradition if you have children in the family. Great “stocking filler” ideas include small novelty toys, but if you want to be truly old school, try chocolate coins and satsumas as well.

You can always start your own, brand-new custom. A lovely idea for the evening before Christmas is to prepare a package for loved ones with a seasonal film, some snacks and snugly clothing to enjoy. We can’t wait to watch our favourite festive movie under a Heat Holders Snuggle Ups Blanket!