Sleep is something that many of us in the 21st century don’t get enough of due to busy work schedules and demanding social lives, but scrimping out on the beloved zz’s could be detrimental to our health in the long term as well as stopping us from being focussed throughout the day. Getting a full eight hours of sleep a night ensures our bodies are having an adequate amount of time to rest and recuperate. Lack of sleep means you are not nourishing your body in the correct way, so your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are not as tip top as they could be. Ensuring these are nourished is crucial for memory, learning and growth so instead of staying up to flick through your Facebook one last time, put your phone down and enjoy a well-earned sleep that will keep your energy levels ticking over the next day. March is National Bed Month so next week we will be giving you our top tips on getting the best night sleep you possibly can. See you in March!