The Met Office has issued a warning that an El Nino climate event is imminent which could become one of the strongest weather events since the 1950’s.

According to a Met Office report, 2015 has seen the warmest start to the year on record and outlines that El Nino is one of three key climate patterns that could lead to changes in the global temperature.

An El Nino is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns. The cycle starts when warm water in the western Pacific Ocean shifts east toward South America’s coast, with the warm water then pooling near Indonesia and the Philippines. Through an El Nino, the Pacific’s warmest surface waters sit off northwest South America, allowing forecasters to then declare an official El Nino when the ocean temperatures and rainfall from storms sweep to the east.

The El Nino predicted for 2015 is set to be one of the strongest on record, releasing so much energy into the atmosphere that the weather will change all over the planet!

Let’s hope our winters are kept cold so we can snuggle up in Heat Holders!