As we’re now amid National Walking Month and the month of May (which has come even quicker than usual this year), what better time than now to dust off the walking boots, and get out and about. Here are a few incentives to get moving this May…

Better shape

You may not think it, but by adding a 20-minute walking round-trip to your daily routine, you’ll be keeping yourself in better shape. Any extra activity, especially if your day job involves a lot of sitting at desks and typing away, is good, keeping us fresh and active, rather than lethargic.

Fatter wallet

Walking is FREE! Whether you normally drive or use public transport to make the bulk of your journey’s, it may be incremental, but the money spent will add up over time. It’ll be something you may only notice at the end of the month, but your bank account should join your body in looking healthier at the end of the month.

Hidden treasures

Most of us like to explore and travel to take in different landscapes, but the most beautiful of all sights might be right on your doorstep, you just don’t know it! By getting more active and getting out on your feet, you’re more than likely to discover spots you didn’t even realise existed, and they might be just around the corner.

Are you changing your routine to make the most out of National Walking Month? Let us know @HeatHolderSocks