January can be a difficult time for families finding something to do to keep entertained- cash may be short after Christmas, and many of us are still getting back into the swing of our routine. Often we forget how much the natural world around us can inspire and encourage, and children love to get outdoors, learn and explore.

The RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch launches at the end of this month, and that’s just one of the wonderful ways to stimulate an interest in something that is free and healthy!

Why not take a trip to the park, or nearby woodland and see what wildlife you can spot? This doesn’t have to be just birds, you could create a checklist of different insects, or try identifying the different types of trees such as silver birch, which has a distinctive white bark that youngsters will find easy to spot. You could even have a go at basic navigation skills, if you have a compass and a little knowledge.

Younger children especially will enjoy putting on wellies and waterproofs and having a paddle in any puddles they happen to come across during a refreshing outdoor stroll.

Remember though, January and February are traditionally the coldest months of the year, so to make sure children get the most of whatever you’re up to, it’s essential they are kept warm. Get them to pick out their favourite colour Heat Holders Socks to get them excited for their outdoor adventure!