Valentine’s Day is an excuse to show somebody you love that you’re thinking of them; this could be a partner, husband, wife or even a secret crush!

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love, as today many people spend the 14th of February with all sorts of people who make their lives special, such as parents and friends, so if you aren’t in a relationship, why not use this Sunday as an excuse to have some fun with whoever you enjoy spending time with?

Restaurants are an easy choice for a Valentine’s trip out, but there are plenty of simple and budget-friendly alternatives you could try! An indoor picnic makes a great Date Night idea, especially if you don’t fancy venturing out in the February frosts. You could have a go at making some sweet treats together such as cupcakes or biscuits, which you could even personalize for one another.

Creating a photo album together is a brilliant opportunity to look back on all the memories you have together, and to relive your favourite and funniest stories, and a photo album also makes a wonderful, unique gift.

If you don’t mind getting wrapped up, a trip to the local park to feed the ducks is a lovely way to spend some quality time with a loved one this Sunday, and if you wanted to be extra thoughtful, you could even gift your companion some Heat Holders goodies to wear out on your trip!