Heat Holders have donated 300 pairs of socks to Rainbows Hospice for children and young people.
Heat Holders are a Leicester based thermal product company who now have international success with their products, selling them in the USA, Canada, Russia and Australia to name just a few. In the last few years their range has expanded from socks to tights, leggings, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, jumpers and blankets. Heat Holders socks have a tog rating of 2.34 compared to 0.89 for ordinary thermal socks and as far as has ever been tested, are the warmest thermal socks in the world.

The socks have generously been donated to Rainbows for the children and young people as well as their families and staff at the hospice. David Doughty of Heat Holders said, “Rainbows is a wonderful charity that supports many families. Heat Holders have been a big supporter of Rainbows for over 13 years and we want to continue to support them in as many ways possible. We hope Rainbows keep warm and enjoy wearing our products.”

Kate Golding, corporate manager at Rainbows, said: “We would like to thank Heat Holders for their very generous and toasty donation. They have been great supporters of ours over the years and we are grateful to their continued backing. Heat Holders are perfect for some children who visit Rainbows, as many of them suffer with bad circulation. It is hard to find a sock that actually keep your feet warm but Heat Holders definitely live up to their name!” Rainbows, the children and young person’s hospice in the East Midlands, provides nursing, medical care and support to families whilst they are caring for their loved one. Being based in the quaint Leicestershire countryside, Rainbows offers a peaceful, calming setting where families can go to build memories with their family. Not only does Rainbows offer a calm oasis for families to stay, they also provide at home services such as parents group, sibling activities, and young people’s support groups.