An 18-year-old supermarket worker proved that the ‘Good Samaritan’ continues to exist in modern day society, with an act of understated kindness to a 95 year old pensioner…..

Whilst studying for his A-levels, Christian Trouesdale worked part time at an Aldi store based in Bolton. On a typical, working afternoon Christian attended to Bob Malloy and helped him with his shopping, choosing all the items he needed through to the checkout.

However, Christian decided to go the extra mile and walk the elderly man home when he saw Bob attempt to carry his shopping bags alone. After quickly checking with his supervisor, Christian made sure that Bob got safely home – whilst striking up an endearing friendship that has since continued when they first met in April.

A picture of the two has since gone viral on Facebook with over 350,000 shares and comments praising Christian on his kindness with many stating he is a ‘credit to his generation.’

Bob delightedly said – ‘There are not many lads like him. It is him that needs thanking. Without him, it wouldn't have happened.'

Christian’s good deed came as no surprise to his school, receiving standing ovations in his classes and proving to be a fantastic example for teenagers everywhere.