It’s the third week of the year, our routines are just about in full swing and those pesky New Year’s resolutions are slowly becoming harder and harder to keep up. Yep it’s ‘Blue Monday’, the third Monday of January, when Christmas is but a distant memory and everyone’s back to work. Here’s some advice on how to survive Blue Monday 2017…

Go for a run

Take a step back into the great outdoors, the weather can be changeable at this time of year, but even taking the dog for a walk is a good way to stay active. The physical act of running releases endorphins around your body, a perfect way of reducing any work-related stress.

Treat yourself

Yes, most of us have cobwebs growing in our bank accounts following the indulgence of December, but one way to give yourself a boost could be going to the cinema, bowling with friends or heading for a meal out. Many outlets run offers throughout January to tempt customers, so have a look what’s on near you.

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is by helping others; see somebody struggling on the train? Offer them your seat. Planning on ignoring that homeless person on your commute to work again? Go get them a warm drink instead. These may be little acts of insignificance but you may have just made that person’s day a good one.


And as your day is drawing to a close, make sure you have some ‘me’ time. Listen to your favourite artist, read that book you keep intending to get stuck into and get comfortable, ready for a stress-free sleep.

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