It’s time for Reading and Leeds festival 2016 already and if you’re lucky enough to be going, you’ve probably been gazing at your ticket since the moment it came in the mail! With a line-up of acts such as Fall out Boy, Disclosure and Imagine Dragons, what is there not to be excited about?

Now, we all know that we cannot rely on British weather so here at Heat Holders we’ve put together a list of must haves to pack for a fabulous festival!

Firstly, good shoes are an essential as nobody wants uncomfortable shoes at a festival, especially when you’re in a crowd with thousands of toe trampling people. We would recommend a nice pair of wellies, as they’re absolutely waterproof.

Going along with the wellie theme, the next item on the list is SOCKS! Our Heat Holders Wellington socks are the ideal companion for wellies, if you hadn’t already guessed from the name!

At night, in a field you’re bound to be freezing so, another item we would suggest is the Heat Holders blanket so that you can snuggle up at night and almost feel like you’re at home.

One item we must talk about is sun cream (that’s for when it’s not raining)! Sun protection is so important when you’re outside all day. As boring as this one is, sun cream is not only essential for protecting your skin from the UV rays but also festivals are no fun if you get burnt on the first day! For extra sun protection, a hat and sunglasses would be perfect too.

The final necessity on our list for R+L festival 2016 is clothes suitable for all weather conditions. As obvious as this seems, you’d be surprised at how many people only pack for the 30 degree weather. But, we all know the British weather and that’s why this has made it onto our list. So please take enough clothes so you’re ready for whatever weather you might face.

Our team at Heat Holders hope you have a perfect festival weekend, and if you’re not going to Reading and Leeds then we hope you’re enjoying your bank holiday weekend!