Keeping a Lenten promise requires determination, it isn’t easy, you’re giving up something you love for 40 days. The first step is figuring out what to give up, you don’t have to do anything crazy; we’ve heard about people giving up beds and music in their car! Here are four top tips to help you keep your resolution throughout Lent.

Post-it notes, everywhere

To be constantly reminded of your sacrifice isn’t for everyone, but if you keep going to boil the kettle for your morning coffee – post-it notes. Even a morning reminder while you brush your teeth will set you right for the day.

Tell your loved ones

Going it alone is hard, we need the support of our nearest and dearest at the best of times and Lent is no exception. Particularly as our loved ones are fantastic at pushing our buttons, if you start to slip they’ll nag you until you get back on track. Create a pact with anyone else also following through with their promise.

Do it for charity

Raising money for a good cause is the best motivator you could ever have. Many charities offer packs designed to help you gain donations over Lent and it should be the kick up the backside needed for you to stick out the 40 days.

What are you going to give up this Lent? Let us at Heat Holders know, and good luck!