As the gardening season approaches, there is no better excuse to step outside in the sunshine and reach for those all essential tools to transform your garden into paradise (and one that your neighbours will be ‘green’ with envy of!)

So you’ve put the groundwork in and cut back all the winter shrubs as well as planted new bulbs. Here’s a few tips on how to kick-start National Gardening Month…..

1. Gain inspiration from your friends. In order to make your garden as colourful as possible this summer, you should gather cuttings and replant them.

2. Look after your lawn. April brings both ‘sunshine and showers’, so to allow you to get that ever-green colour, you need to sow lawn seed and lay new turf which will help the seed grow. Applying a fertiliser will keep it healthy and lasting for the summer.

3. Keep watering potted plants. Particularly those on the patio which have a tendency to dry out with the spring weather.

4. Watch out for the pests – cover your bulbs and protect pots with chicken wire to keep slugs and snails away.

5. Grow your own food. There’s nothing tastier than eating your own vegetables. Onions and garlic are easy starting points. Start growing potatoes from mid-April, depending on the weather conditions and for extra sophistication, grow sweet peas in a climbing border.

6. Wear the correct gear. When doing any gardening, remember to keep your feet warm in your wellington boots with Heat Holders Wellington socks as well as thermals to keep the chill out of your bones.