It’s time to down tools for three days and enjoy a weekend of springtime festivities. Whether or not the forecast is in your favour, there are plenty of things to keep the family entertained in all temperatures. If the heavens open then what better opportunity to light a fire and get cosy for a day? Arrange a day of fun indoor activities. Perhaps bake some treats, cupcakes, biscuits or homemade pizzas, basically anything that allows the kids to show off their decorating skills (letting them lick the spoon is a way to get in their good books too) You could grab some sheets and chairs and build a den in the living room, adding cushions and fairy lights to create a fortress for you all to sit in.

Put on a Disney classic and indulge in a picnic full of the results from your baking day. A day indoors doesn’t have to be boring and is a great way to spend some real quality time with your family, gather everyone around the table and host a games evening - include a prize for each game’s winner. But if you are lucky and open your curtains to glorious sunshine then pack up the car and go on a spontaneous trip.

Whether you are spending the weekend with family, friends or a partner, a camping trip is a great getaway idea that is purse friendly and doesn’t necessarily require much planning. Find a campsite that has a local town or forest area nearby so you can spend the day exploring on bike or foot (stopping somewhere nice for a spot of lunch maybe?) and then back at the campsite enjoy socialising around the first BBQ of the year. As night falls on your camping trip and it gets a little chillier, make sure you are prepared with some Heat Holders thermal clothing or blankets. However you’re spending your weekend, make it one to remember!