Imagine experiencing the world’s sounds around you for the first time in your life at the age of 40….. Jo Milne was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome since she was born, meaning her sight and hearing were both heavily affected by the time of her mid-twenties. This escalated into a complete loss of vision and an inability to hear for 15 years. To get her life back on track, Jo had cochlear implants fitted in 2014, which required her to relearn basic sounds and develop a sound library.

A year later, Jo found herself at the UK’s biggest musical festival in Glastonbury, after BBC Radio 5 Live discovered her story and invited her to hear live music for the first time. This was a life-changing experience for Jo who expressed her delight at hearing the: ‘Emotional music “firsts”’, which allowed her to listen to the sound of Lionel Richie’s voice since seeing his face on the vinyl cover in her childhood home in the 1980s. Jo has thanked BBC Radio 5 for allowing her to discover a ‘newfound love of music’, giving her a ‘new zest for life.’