Today we’re celebrating ‘National Buy A Book Day’ and since our daily routines are mostly dominated by the use of technology, it’s a welcomed break. People may forget that reading a book can bring just as much enjoyment as watching a film, documentary or TV show.

Reading is really good for mental stimulation, reducing stress and expanding your vocabulary, whilst watching a TV screen provides no health benefits. It’s quite an effortless thing to do too, apart from turning the page all you have to do is sit/lie down and reap the rewards.

Although books aren’t rated today as much as television, there are so many books that are still recognized just as much as what they were when they were written. For example, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens etc are celebrated as the greatest novels of all time and are a huge part of our education.

So just the like the creators of the national day, we’d like you to go out and buy a book! It doesn’t have to be an expensive one as long as it’s something that you get your teeth into whilst snuggled up on the sofa wearing a cosy pair of Heat Holders Slipper Socks!