So National Fishing Month has officially started and we’re happy to announce it! It’s not a sport that we often see celebrated but it is one that requires a little more recognition. The organization is aimed to teach non-anglers how to fish and to inform them on the benefits of angling.

The great thing about the organization is that absolutely no experience is required so even if you have the slightest interest in fishing, and you’re keen to spark a new hobby it would definitely be worth coming along.

Qualified licensed coaches will host local events over the course of the month which won’t cost a single penny, as the fees are non-existent and tackle is already provided.
Ideally, the event will encourage families from all ethnic and social backgrounds to get stuck in and learn the basics of angling.

Most people are under the assumption that fishing is a man’s sport, but there is no evidence to say that only males can do the sport. A part of the aim is to dismiss that stereotype and to enlighten women that they too can involve themselves.

The whole importance of the association is to increase the number of people interested in the activity, so the more, the merrier!

National Fishing Month started 22nd July and will end 29th August 2016.