It’s hard to believe that October has flown around so quickly, that’s ten months that have already been and gone this year! However, October is an important one as we're focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Breast Cancer is by far the most common cancer in the UK, and it accounts for a sixth of all cases in males and females combined. This is why it is essential that we recognise the symptoms early on by regularly checking for any abnormal lumps. Any concerns should always be followed up with a consultation with a medical professional.

The annual campaign allows sufferers and those who have lost loved ones to come together as one big support mechanism - we love how many people have benefitted from the organisation! Breast Cancer Awareness Month has educated the nation on how to detect the early symptoms and subsequently get treatment.

If you want to take part this month, why not support the campaign by wearing pink! Whether, you’re at home, at work or studying – a small gesture could go a long way to showing your support (we’ll be wearing our Pink Heat Holders original socks). Alternatively, you can participate on social media with the hashtag #WearItPink2016.