March is National Bed Month and we promised that this week we would give you our top tips for getting the best night sleep. Getting a good night sleep can really make or break a day so it is vital you are aware of how to maximise your sleeping time – follow our top tips below to get a super night sleep. 1. Your bedroom should be a sleeping sanctuary. It should be clean, tidy and fresh with as little media as possible to ensure you are associating your room with sleep only. So leave the TV, your phone and your laptop in the lounge and get absorbed in a good book before you drift off. 2. Exercising daily helps your body to relax at the end of the day as all your excess energy will have been burnt off! So whether it’s a Zumba class, a light walk or a swimming session get working out to help you sleep. 3. Food is your energy, so make sure you’re not eating large meals at night, or loading your body with sugar. It also might not seem obvious but drinking alcohol and smoking close to bedtime gets the stimulants in your brain working so your sleep will be disrupted throughout the night, even when that glass of wine makes you feel tired. 4. It might seem like an expense but investing in good pillows, a duvet and mattress are absolute essentials and are indispensable when it comes to quality sleep. 5. Finally, trying to stick to the same bedtime every day will regulate your body clock and help you to stay asleep for longer. If you feel like you’re missing out on a lie in then stay in bed on a Sunday morning with a book and your breakfast to really feel like you’ve had a lazy morning.