Exploring and travelling the world is a pleasure that millions love doing every single year. We love flocking to other parts of the globe, experiencing cultures and sights that differ to our day-to-day lives at home, wherever that may be. Here are some fresh ideas for Spring 2017 destinations.

Marrakech, Morocco

Situated at the Northern tip of Africa, Marrakech is a blend of cultures, with it often epitomised by tight, packed streets full of traders selling items ranging from Berber carpets to modern electronics, all from their medina’s. With temperatures reaching 27c even in May, it’s a strong candidate for much-needed sunshine.

Algarve, Portugal

A go-to destination for sun-seekers with resorts popular across its coast, the Algarve is home to some of the most fantastic beaches in Europe. However, there are quiet spots in the region to be found, with so many picturesque coves and crevices, it’s perfect for explorers as well as those craving relaxation.

Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland is also its largest city, and Warsaw is a thriving metropolitan city. World War II  left its mark on the city, with over 85% of its buildings in ruin. Ever since, Warsaw has become one of Eastern Europe’s go-to destinations, with its history seeping through in architectural influences and heritage, as well as one of the highest number of skyscrapers in Europe. It’s nightlife and dining experiences are something to behold, too.

Prague, Czech Republic

Known for one of the cheapest places to buy a beer, Prague is much more than that. The fifth most visited European city, is choc full of culture, with museums, theatres and galleries galore. Unlike Warsaw, many of Prague’s structures from the 20th century survived wars and remain today, with the historic centre of Prague included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It’s climate is famously freezing in winter, but by now, a pleasant 19c is the average.

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