It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of the English fail to celebrate this national day that lands on Thursday 23rd April. Despite England being known as a less than patriotic nation, here’s the lowdown on the reasons to share your love for England on this particular occasion….

It is historically known as a day for the nation to come together and celebrate our patron saint, George. The legendary tale focuses on the heroism of George and his brave efforts in slaying an evil dragon. To set the scene: the Princess Cleolinda was arranged to be the beast’s next victim after being woken from his sleep in Libya’s spring waters.

It is likely that the ‘knight in shining armour’ term stemmed from this tale as George arrived on his white horse as a knight and used his sword to draw the cross symbol (that went on to become the famous sign of the English flag!) as his protection, before claiming victory over the dragon.

George went on to become a saint for his protest against the torture of Christians as a Roman soldier.
Why not celebrate with a traditional (and tasty!) English meal, such as a roast dinner with all the trimmings or even travel to an iconic landscape – perhaps the white cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge or ‘Big Ben’ in London!