Millions up-and-down the country use cars, trains and buses every day to commute to and from their homes and the workplace. But, with Bike to Work Day upon us on Friday 19 May, have you ever considered switching it up and cycling to work, instead? Let us take through some of the benefits of swapping four wheels for two…

Your health

The lung-bursting cardio cycling provides will give you that satisfying feeling that only exercise gives. Many find it energises them, and thoroughly wakes them up ahead of the working day. It’ll also free up more time for your personal life, by combining your commute and workout into one package.

The environment

Depending on the size of your vehicle, a 10-mile round-trip commute done five days a week, all year, expends 1.9 TONNES of CO2. With many workers taking on longer commutes each year, that number is adding to the global warming issue that just isn’t going away. So not only will your own personal health improve with taking to your bicycle, but the planet’s will too.

Your finances

Running a car and purchasing train or bus fares aren’t exactly cheap nowadays. Riding your bike on the other hand, is free! Sure you may have to upgrade depending on how old your current bicycle is, but in the long run, there’s big savings to be made by switching to pedal power.

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