We’re now fully in the grip of Autumn, with temperatures dropping and daylight dimming. It’s time to pack away the flip-flops and swimsuits till 2018, and instead get your cosy wear out and fully embrace the change of season. Here are a few ways to stay warm this Autumn with Heat Holders.

Wrap up!

Layers are key when it comes to venturing outside in the cooler autumnal weather. Whether you’re out for a brisk countryside walk or indulging in some festive shopping, you’ll need to be wary of the chill. Jumpers are a necessity, especially when out and about, and they will also allow for some varying fashion options too!

Get your accessories ready

You may not think it, but an extra pair of gloves or throwing a hat on as you leave your home, might be the difference between staying warm and remaining freezing! If you’re still suffering much more, think about investing in a neck-warmer or thermal vest to provide that extra layer of warmth and comfort.

Think about footwear

If you’re going on a long stroll through the countryside, don’t wear a pair of flashy trainers that’ll seep in water and mud, just don’t! Instead, carefully consider the best footwear for the activity you’re involved in – country walk? Hiking boots. Shopping trip? Flashy trainers!

What are your favourite ways to stay comfortable and warm in Autumn? Let us know @HeatHolderSocks