With Mother’s Day just around the corner in the UK, it’s the one day a year dedicated to the maternal cornerstone of the family. It can be hard to know how to honour your mum, but this year, why not try something a bit different? Ditch the perfume and chocolate and let Heat Holders give you some alternative ideas for the big day.

Bond with the family

One especially for families with grown-up kids, it can just be nice for a family to meet up and bond, and what better day to do it on! A perfect way is to ditch technology and go out for a long, rambling countryside walk, ideal for catching up with one another. Follow it up with a quality lunch, and a perfect day can be had by all, especially your mother.

Experience days out

A bit different, but purchases of ‘days out’ are becoming more and more popular. Totally dependent on your mum’s personal preference, you can treat her to a luxurious spa day at a stately manor, a fast and furious track day in sports cars or even a ticket to her most loved musician. It shows you’ve really thought about her and will provide a day she’ll never forget.

Home celebrations!

If you want to shun the busy shops and restaurants across the land, having a day together at home is just as acceptable. Why not begin your mum’s big day with breakfast in bed, and ensure her day of relaxation gets off to a cracking start! A family film favourite could be a good bet too, as well as finishing off the day with a homemade meal, and obviously not letting mum do ANY of the preparation whatsoever.

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