We’re in that exciting time of year, when the weather is gradually warming up and becoming sunnier and sunnier; British Summer Time. With the clocks having just gone forward an hour, it means that the British public have an extra hour of sunlight a day. At Heat Holders, we’re slowly waking up from our winter hibernations and re-discovering the outdoors, here are a few of our favourite British Summer Time activities.

Go for a hike!

This one’s especially good for city dwellers – come the weekend pack your bags up, escape the concrete jungle and explore the great British countryside. On a good day’s weather you’ll be amazed at the beautiful view our national parks can offer, plus a good long hike will blow those cobwebs off and get your legs going after their winter break.

Move your exercise to the great outdoors

If you’ve been working away in the gym throughout the colder months of the year, why not cancel the membership and move your workouts outside? Sure, you’ll be struggling should any untimely showers pop up, but by using your surroundings you’ll be saving money and experiencing a change of scenery.


For those of us working the 9-5 work cycle, the short, winter nights can cause your social life to pause somewhat during the working week. So much so, that come the end of March, it’s almost weird to have more light available. Use your extra daylight to full effect, grab a few friends and get outside! The driving range would be a perfect spot to spend a couple of hours catching up on the day’s events.

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