The London Marathon is just around the corner, with this Sunday’s epic run around the city seeing 30,000 hit the streets of the capital. It’s a unique situation that sees Olympians battling for victory, while thousands and thousands of amateur runners raise money for charities of all shapes and sizes. But a marathon’s no easy feat, here are a few tips for those running the marathon…

Fluid, fluid, fluid

While most people will have target times to achieve, getting fluid on board is imperative to getting anywhere near those times. Taking 10 seconds to stop and recharge at a drinks station is going to help rather than ploughing onwards and becoming further dehydrated in the process. Additionally, try and take on an energy drink before the race, even if you’re not a fan, regard it is a medicine you need to take!

Don’t push yourself too hard

Again, in a similar vein to the above, while that target time will be something that’s been on your mind for months, if you’re seizing or cramping up, take a break and walk, you’ll be better for it a few miles down the line. Similarly, if you’re bobbing and weaving between slower runners, that’s all well and good in the moment, but it may be a cause of regret further down the line.

Remember your motivation

At the end of the day, you will be running to raise a bit of money for a charity close to your heart. When it comes to the 24th out of 26 miles, and you’re seriously flagging, use the mental reserve of the good that will come from your amazing achievement, and that inspiration will surely see you over the finishing line.

Running the marathon on Sunday? Good luck! Let us know how you get on @HeatHolderSocks