With the Easter weekend upon us, no doubt everyone will be looking forward to tucking into plenty of chocolate very shortly! But while here in the United Kingdom we have a strong tradition of Easter egg hunts and chocolate, what do other countries around the world have? Let’s go on a quick trip around the world…


French cuisine being among the best in the world, the Easter tradition in a town called Haux, in southwestern France, is to create a huge omelette! Consisting of a whopping 4,500 eggs, the creation attracts visitors, who come to sample it every Easter.


Cascarónes are unique to Mexico, and can be best described as a ‘piñata egg’. Chicken eggs are hollowed-out, and filled to the brim with confetti or small toys, they’re also popular during carnival and other celebrations and are said to bring good luck when broken over one’s head.


In areas of Germany, it’s quite common to see decorated Easter eggs hanging down from tree branches, turning nature even more colourful.


Chocoholics might be best served not spending their Easters in Bulgaria, as they swap chocolate eggs for hard-boiled alternatives, good for breakfast, but skipping out on chocolate seems a bit much for us!

Are there any other wonderful and wacky Easter traditions from around the world we’ve missed out? Let us know!