Hikes are a great opportunity to get outside and see some nature! With Take a Hike Day taking place on 15th November, let us guide you through a few choice reasons why you should go on a good, long hike.

The Great Outdoors

With so many of us working sat in front of screens all day, every day, there can be an urge to escape and get outside. A good hike offers the opportunity to leave technology behind and de-stress at the same time, allowing you to work on your mental wellness.

It’s top exercise

You’ll want to start off with a relatively short distance if you’re new to hiking, but you should still find that the fitness benefits come almost instantaneously. You’ll be working areas of the body that aren’t used to being exercised, and you should feel the burn, after a good day’s hike!

Taking up a new hobby

It’s always good to try new things, having variety in your life is crucial, and will keep your body on its toes. Make sure you’re fully kitted out in the correct gear before embarking on your first hike, with appropriate boots and clothing a necessity, while local knowledge of the area also proving to be helpful. Letting close friends and family know of your whereabouts too, for equal measure.

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