With March being National Bed Month, what better way to celebrate than by getting your sleeping pattern in order and feeling fully refreshed come the break of dawn! Here are our top tips…

Log off from distractions

We’ve never been connected with the rest of the world in quite the same way as we are at present, with the internet just a couple of button presses away. But with such innovations and advances, it can be hard to switch off, with the temptations of social media cutting into sleep-time. Our advice? Get into the habit of turning your phone or internet off an hour before bed and relax!

Invest in scents

Certain scents like lavender are proven to assist in winding down in the evening, activating alpha wave activity in the brain, which can lead to relaxation. Incense too, can work in the same way, with the lighting lowered as well as the pleasant smells working their magic. Ensure the room is well ventilated too, though.

Stay comfy with Heat Holders socks!

Cold feet can be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to dropping off, even in the warmer months. To beat the chill, there’s no better option than Heat Holders, the thermal insulation will guarantee you’ll get off to sleep with no issues whatsoever, and your feet will be warmer than ever.

Those are our top tips for a good night’s sleep, let us know your own favourite ways of getting a good kip at our Twitter @HeatHolderSocks.