With April comes the dawn of the warmer weather and, more appropriately, National Gardening Week, between 10-16 April 2017. It can be the time that many decide to get back into their gardens and give them a proper spring clean. Here are our tips to get your space in shape.

Revitalise your garden from its winter slumber 

Aside from the odd touch-up and lawn cutting, most gardens get neglected during winter. Simply tidying up and trimming back areas that haven’t been touched for months will improve the look almost immediately. Growing vegetables is great, as it’ll allow you to penny pinch and feel healthy too by planting a few tomatoes, squashes and cucumbers for use in the kitchen! 

Protect against late frosts

Most soft fruit and top fruit are hardy over the winter as temperatures in Britain don’t go low enough to harm them. However, once new growth and blossom arrive in early Spring, these can be susceptible to damage if clear, warm days lead to clear, cold nights. Using a cover, either a plastic one or the natural surroundings will provide adequate protection.

Encourage wildlife into your garden

Integrating a showpiece into the garden could not only improve its look, but encourage more wildlife! A pond would be ideal, with a spot to soak up the sun, as it’d attract all sorts of different life to your backyard, and water plants would thrive too. Other alternatives are bird boxes, hedgehog hibernators and even a bee hotel!

Have you got any grand designs for your garden this month? Let us know @HeatHolderSocks!