Finding a romantic date on Valentine’s Day can be frustrating, restaurant reservations are seemingly booked up months in advance and sometimes you just want to be alone with your loved one. To alleviate the pressure, here are a few alternative date ideas to make your partner swoon come the big day.

Get your blood pumping with an exhilarating activity

We think there’s nothing more romantic than trying something new with your partner, especially when it comes to sport. A day at the dry slopes, or even a snowdome to try your hand at winter sports could lead to some laughs and raised pulses.

An indoor skydiving experience is sure to make any adrenaline junkie quake in their boots. If you want to branch out, grab a few other couples and hit the race track for a karting day out.

Stay in and be a bit boring

Why not avoid the extortionate prices and simply stay at home this Valentine’s? It may not sound the most romantic, but there are plenty of ways to make the night a special one.

Staying in and cooking a fancy dinner with their favourite dessert, is the easiest way to avoid the rush and guarantee a dinner table! Dim the lights and decorate the room with flowers to create the perfect loving atmosphere. Once the meal is finished off, put a film on and relax on the sofa.

Get a ticket to your other half’s favourite event

If you want your other half’s friends to dub you, ‘the best partner in the world’, then buy them a ticket to see their sports team play. How about a show: a gig, play or musical would be a fine way to see out the most romantic day of the year.

Even if the event doesn’t fall on the big day, just presenting them with the tickets will earn you some serious brownie points.

Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, make the most of it and enjoy the company of your loved one.