The cooler months can be an especially isolating time for anybody who lives alone. We spend a lot of our time indoors when the temperature drops, and this can mean those who don’t have close friends or family nearby can become isolated.

This can be especially true for the older generation, a topic that has been brought to our attention by John Lewis’ poignant Christmas advert, which hopes to raise awareness for Age UK. There are many ways you can reach out to someone older who might be feeling lonely over Christmas and New Year: You could pop round for a cup of tea, take them out to do some shopping or offer to get them wrapped up in some snug Heat Holders treats and go for a winter stroll.

Or you could simply invite them round for a chat. BBC Radio Solent recently received a call from 95 year-old Bill who expressed his feelings of loneliness since his wife had been taken into a care home. The station then arranged a taxi for Bill, and allowed a phone-in so listeners could talk to him. To watch the truly touching footage of Bill’s trip, click below.