Today we are celebrating ‘World Photograph Day,’ and we want you to get involved too!

While mild concerns are raised about how much time we spend using our technical devices, there certainly is a time and a place for them. For example, special moments such as holidays, weddings and birthdays should be documented in the form of a visual image. It allows you to take yourself back to that moment and reminisce.

Of course, there are other occasions that are probably a little more spontaneous but equally carry just as much value when looking back on that specific time. Some moments can take us by surprise whether it’s a sunset, an unusual occurrence or a beautiful landscape. Without a doubt, we’ll all instantly reach for our smart phones or digital camera and seize the opportunity to show off our photography skills.

That being said, old school photographs are still rated today just as much as a digital photographs. Trusty disposable cameras don’t always present the most amazing pictures (and are usually very pixilated) but they can be used to decorate your bedroom or fill that lovely photo frame you’ve been meaning to fill for a good while!

So in celebration of ‘World Photograph Day,’ go and grab your smartphone/ipad/digital camera/polaroid/disposable camera and get outside and take some unforgettable pictures! (And if anyone asks, tell them that they must join in.)