November 25th is International Hat Day, and what better way to celebrate global millenary fashion than a look at five of the most iconic pieces of headgear from around the world? Here are our top five:

1. The Tam, Scotland

Named after the poem “Tam o’Shanter” by legendary Scotch poet Robert Burns, the tam has a distinctive flat shape, and is traditionally made from wool, normally in bright, tartan colours.

2. The Sombrero, Mexico

Featuring a high pointed crown with a wide brim and slightly upturned edge, the sombrero is a popular symbol of all things Mexican. Used originally by horseback riders to shield them from the sun’s brutal heat, the sombrero has been popular since the late 15th century.

3. The Beret, France

Sacre’ Bleu! We couldn’t imagine any list of the world’s most prominent hats without including the beret. Popular with a wide range of the Gallic community from French Legionnaires to mimes, no French costume would be complete without a beret.

4. The Baseball Cap, America

The youngest on our list at only around 150 years old, the baseball cap was created to protect baseball players’ eyes from the sun. These days, it also plays an important part in identifying a team, and has become quite the fashion statement in popular culture.

5. The Ushanka, Russia

The Ushanka was intended to offer protection from the bitter Russian winters, and usually has furry panels to cover the jaw and lower chin as well as the ears. If this extravagant style is a bit much for you, get your hand on a Heat Holders Hat to keep your head toasty as the British temperature drops!