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Wärmehalter® Konverter Handschuhe mit HeatWeaver® Thermofutter.

Das seidig-weiche Innenfutter fühlt sich nicht nur luxuriös an, sondern sorgt auch im harten Winter für kuschelige Hände. Vielseitig einsetzbare Wärmehalter Umwandler-Handschuhe kann einfach über die Finger geklappt werden, um einen warmen und kuscheligen Fäustling zu schaffen. Oder seien Sie fingerlos für die Benutzerfreundlichkeit!

Passende Mützen und Halswärmer sind ebenfalls erhältlich.

Größe:              Einheitsgröße  -  7½" / 19cm

Um herauszufinden, welche Handschuhgröße Sie haben, messen Sie Ihre rechte Hand, wenn Sie Rechtshänder sind, oder Ihre linke Hand, wenn Sie Linkshänder sind. Wickeln Sie, wie in der Abbildung unten gezeigt, ein Maßband um Ihre Handfläche an der Basis Ihrer Knöchel. Passen Sie dieses Maß in Zoll oder Zentimeter an.       

Glove Size Diagram

Entwurf:         Konverter Flip Mitt Handschuhe


Creme, Fawn, Hellgrau, Rose, Lila, Navy, Schwarz


Schwarz, Creme

Außen - 100 % Acryl

Futter - 100 % Polyester

Lila, Rose, Fawn, Hellgrau, Navy

Außen - 53% Polyester, 47% Acryl

Futter - 100 % Polyester


Maschinenwaschbar 40' ... Nicht im Trockner trocknen

Heat Holders

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Miss Eve Steed
Very warm

I bought these for two reasons. Firstly, I suffer from Raynauds and my fingers freeze at the drop of a hat (or heat if I were literal), secondly, I have a dog. Having a dog means (with other types of glove) having to remove them entirely to pick up the poo. With these I can just flip open the fingers, pick up the poo then flip it back on. They are so warm and when I am wearing them I can feel waves of heat warming my fingers. They are a bit bulky but if it means that I don’t have to feel that my fingers are no longer with me, I can cope with that. I recommend.

Lynda Manning

Lovely quality items . Speedy delivery

Ideal mittens

I go power kiting and need to feel and grip the handles and these are perfect for keeping my hands warm whilst still giving me access toy fingers for fiddly cords etc. Really pleased with my purchase.

Suzi Parry
Fantastic after cold water swimming

I bought these gloves to put on after wild swimming in 5.2°C water, so a bit nippy. These gloves work a treat to warm my hands up afterwards, I'm really impressed with them.

Just what my daughter needed!

My adult daughter suffers with Raynaud's syndrome, and a friend who's used Heat Holders products in the past (he's a farmer, so often out in the cold weather in just wellies) recommended I look at the website. Since purchase, my daughter has used all 5 items I bought (2 x socks, 2 x gloves and a hat) and she's raving about their effectiveness. She'd recommend them to anyone, not just sufferers of Raynaud's, but anyone who has naturally colder hands and feet in the winter, or those who need to warm up quickly after outdoor winter activities like wild or sea swimming. I'm going to get some myself now too!


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